Mayunokai Kimono Rental

Let's enjoy wearing Kimono !!!
KIMONO Outing Spot

News Archive 2023.03

Let's enjoy wearing Kimono !!!

General Information

Reservation: Our shop starts from 10:00am and Please return until 5:00pm.
Closed: obon holidays (8/13~8/15) , N ew Years holidays (12/29~1/3)
※It takes 30minutes to get dressed in Komono.
* A cleaning fee for ordinary dirt (splashing or spilled food, etc.) is included, but for extreme dirt or damage, or a hole caused by a cigarette, a charge of JPY20,000 will be incurred
※(Rent overnight) please show your ID and Deposit 10,000yen.

Service points

※We’ll take care of everything and just bring yourself.
※Cloose any Kimono you want.
※This price includes dressing and easily hair set (hair accessory also)
※We will take your baggage at the shop.
※We will present your pictures in Kimono.
※There are some Kimono for kids and men.
※There are Kimono coats and Haoris and rent free.

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